Electro Harmonix 360 Nano Looper Pedal

I’ve spent years chopping up and looping wav files on pro tools/logic, so I though I’d have a play with this pedal. It essentially gives one that chopping facility on the bounce – record a part, loop it, overdub, repeat… The recorded quality of the loops is excellent, and the doesn’t appear to be any […]


Korg Pandora Stomp

I’ve had a few of the various Pandora models over the years and always found them to be great value.  They always seemed to have some immediately workable tones, portability was great and the instant rhythm track was a handy addition for quick practice. Now I’m not sure if what’s happened with this new Pandora […]


Zoom Powerdrive PD-01

This 90’s Japanese pedal is somewhat rare and highly thought of. A simple transparent overdrive, it excels at making your existing tone better. The controls are familiar; high, low, drive and level. What’s immediately different to a standard overdrive is the gain dial only breaks the signal up at the very top end of the […]


Wampler Plexi Drive Mk I

Critically acclaimed pedal that left me completely cold. Unimpressive, thin sounding overdrive that’s pretty much un-usable..unless you want a shit, thin sounding overdrive. Zero from me I’m afraid, moved it on quickly.


Ibanez AD9 analogue delay

So, here’s a pink pedal that you may or may not have seen in your time…built into the same enclosure as the beloved TS9 tubescreamer (from what I gather, 9 is the series for all these boxes) This is an analogue delay, which is a slightly misleading name as its not entirely analogue, due it […]


Belcat Overdrive OVD302

Picked this Ibanez TS9 clone up cheap in a pawn shop, not expecting much from it when also receiving change from a tenner. The sound surprised the hell out of me; it’s incredibly good. It’s full of dynamics, responding very pleasingly to pick attack and cleaning up well when backing the guitar volume off. The […]


Boss DS-1 myth…

Many moons back when I was a little lad and my old man used to play guitar very loudly at home through a 74′ Twin Reverb, whenever I tried to use the amp, it sounded as clean as a whistle, just pop music central…then I realised that a little orange box transformed the sound from […]


Behringer VT911 Tube Overdrive

Saw this on eBay brand new in the box for £15 so it had to be worth a punt. Straight out of the box impressions: Huge range of gain More fuzz than overdrive Nicely built for the money       After half an hour of fiddling I couldn’t seem to find a setting that didn’t […]


Laney AOR50 Series II head & cab

All valve head (4 pre 12ax7 and 2 power) and matching 2×12″ cabinet. Was working…came out of storage after ten years…wasn’t working. Sounded shit in the first place so not much lost.                  


Ibanez Valbee 5w all tube combo amp

I discovered this model while searching for a home tube amp (i.e. low wattage) that had an fx loop.  There’s not much to be found online in terms of manufacturer information, I guess they withdrew it, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was down to the fact that it looks awful and didn’t sell […]