Jetter Red Square Dual Overdrive

Awesome handbuilt transparant overdrive. 

Both sides of the pedal offer subtlely different tones.

The “blue” side is a very tone rich, warm overdrive. It can be pushed for some fantastic gritty, edgy drive, but I found it worked best as a cleaner boost. With the volume high, gain low and voicing on the rich side this pedal excels at simply making your valve amp just sound better. This isn’t a “turn on for solos” drive, it’s a “leave it on permanently” drive that enhances everything you want to do. Backing off your guitar volume has a valve pre amp like effect of cleaning up the signal, and it excels here too. Clean sounds are warmer, with a deeper more refined overall sound.

The “red” side is equally good quality, albeit with significant tonal differences. It’s brighter than the blue side, and less transparent. The overdrive has a definitive flavour, and with similar settings to the blue side I found myself enjoying kicking it in and out during solos, almost like having an extra pickup to stomp on and off.

This was the best overdrive pedal I’d ever used, until I got hold of a certain UK handmade Klon clone…

Fantastic stuff, highly recommended.


Video demo here: