A note from the website owner.

This website started off with no real structure, I just wanted somewhere I could document all the guitar gear I’ve had, have now and will inevitably have in the future.

I’ve bought and sold so many guitars, amplifiers and fx over the years. There’s so much gear I’ve sold and regretted letting go of, although more often than not gear I was glad to move out the door for something else.

Sometimes I record tunes with gear, sometimes that gets uploaded. Sometimes I do videos to go with tunes, sometimes they get uploaded too. Some gear write ups are like essays, some just a few words.

If you’ve stumbled across this site, feel free to read and comment. A few people commented that they liked the idea, so I’ve opened it up for people to become authors on here. Over time it may become a useful resource for more people to research different models of guitars and related gear.