Ibanez AD9 analogue delay

So, here’s a pink pedal that you may or may not have seen in your time…built into the same enclosure as the beloved TS9 tubescreamer (from what I gather, 9 is the series for all these boxes)

This is an analogue delay, which is a slightly misleading name as its not entirely analogue, due it is circuitry. Anyway, what do you get with one of these?

I traded pedals with a guy online for this, it arrived with no battery cover which pissed me off as I had to buy one for £12…I know right? £12 for a bit of plastic measuring 5cm. Sound.

Anyway…the pedal…


 Here it is on my board…I bought this one as a replacement for my Carbon Copy delay, which I loved but couldn’t find cheap enough after another elaborate deal I did with Mick from “that pedal show”

Anyway! I got this, I gave it a whirl with my main rig and, well, wasn’t impressed, it does have all the typical sounds you’d expect from an average delay, it just didn’t float my boat… I mean it just can’t compete against the carbon copy…at all.
After an analogue delay?
Buy a carbon copy. Not one of these, it’s only a tenner more secondhand online.