2001 Electro Harmonix Mogwai Big Muff

Just 100 of these Mogwai Big Muff pedals were produced for marketing purposes, in support of Mogwai’s 2001 album Rock Action.

They come in a wooden box with the usual Electro Harmonix case candy/sticker with custom Mogwai graphics on the box and the pedal itself. Most sources say the electric gubbins inside is just a standard USA Big Muff from that time, although all three of the ones I’ve owned have certainly had a slightly darker, edgier tone than a more recent Big Muff or an older Russian Sovtek, both borrowed from friends. It’s subtle, but there are differences, even if it’s only down to some of the standard components they may have used that particular year being different for manufacturing reasons rather than the search of refined tone.

I currently only have one Mogwai Big Muff left, at one point I owned three of the 100 ever made. The other two I’ve owned of the 100 were sold years ago but the best condition one has been kept in a friend’s private vintage studio for over a decade. My friend loves running synths through it.

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