strat sound test

Fender Strat Sound Test

STRATOCASTER SOUND TEST Squier Affinity 1970s-style relic Vs Fender 1985 Japanese Modern The Fender is panned hard to the left speaker, and the Squier to the right. Each guitar comps rhythm while the other solos. Both guitars were recorded direct into Logic X via a Focusrite Sapphire Pro 26 mic pre. They have identical amp/reverb/eq/compression […]


Hamer Sunburst A/T

Arrived in a trade in a poor state of repair. No tuners, no pickups, covered in dust. Cleaned it up, wired in new Switch humbuckers and sourced vintage Schaller tuners in matching black and chrome.                              


Squier 1960’s Sunburst Relic Strat

A standard Squier standard Strat, relic’d and rebadged to appear like a 1960’s era Fender. Nicely done, I particularly liked the buckle rash relic-ing on the back, very authentic. Ciggie burn on the headstock also a nice touch.     Video demo here:

Jetter Red Square Dual Overdrive

Jetter Red Square Dual Overdrive

Awesome handbuilt transparant overdrive.  Both sides of the pedal offer subtlely different tones. The “blue” side is a very tone rich, warm overdrive. It can be pushed for some fantastic gritty, edgy drive, but I found it worked best as a cleaner boost. With the volume high, gain low and voicing on the rich side […]

2003 Peavey EVH Korean Wolfgang

2003 Peavey EVH Korean Wolfgang

Horrible guitar. Fancied one of these for ages, and I’ve played on a couple of Musicman/Ernie Ball guitars in the past. Always been partial to a bit of Van Halen, and I got offered it in a trade for a PRS SE, so I thought I’d give it a whirl as maybe a cheap but […]


Hayden Mini Mofo 15w Class A Valve Amp

I was a touch disappointed at first with this Hayden amp. Long story short, it takes a good while for it to warm up, much longer than most all valve amps I’ve played. It’s a case of turn it on, go make a big pot of tea, smoke a couple of ciggies, have a nosey […]


1996 Squier Korean Anniversary Stratocaster

One of those cheap gems… First a little history of me and (the lack of) Stratocasters in my life. I’ve never liked them, not one. When I worked in a guitar shop for most of my twenties we had a rack of USA Fenders and never did one stand out as something I’d ever play […]

Orange Jim Root 1

Orange Jim Root Terror 15w Valve Amp

Surprisingly outstanding. After an ill fated purchase of a Blackstar HT5 rig with two 1×12″ cabs for a project that never left the ground I traded that rig for this head. Initially I took this amp thinking it would sell quicker than the Blackstar, but it soon won me over as a cracking little amp. […]