Orange Jim Root Terror 15w Valve Amp

Surprisingly outstanding.

After an ill fated purchase of a Blackstar HT5 rig with two 1×12″ cabs for a project that never left the ground I traded that rig for this head.

Initially I took this amp thinking it would sell quicker than the Blackstar, but it soon won me over as a cracking little amp.

Yes there’s the Slipknot guy’s name on this, and yes it does high gain stuff very well indeed, better than any other low wattage valve amp I’ve had to be honest.

But there is another side to this Orange: for smooth overdriven legato lead tones this thing really comes to life. The tone is rich, full of character and clear as a bell. I’d go as far to say that for this tone alone it’s my of my favourite amps I’ve ever owned.


The main gripe is for home use is that this thing is incredibly loud. Even on the 7watt setting this tiny amp can rattle the window frames. It’s a shame they didn’t drop it down to 1 or 2 watts.

It took to pedals well (see the Jetter Overdrive pedal and TC Nova System – this was my main setup for quite some time).

The down sides? There aren’t many, trust! Wattage aside, the only other complaint was the lack of clean tones. Even on minimal gain settings and rolled off guitar volume the Jim Root still wants to break up. Obviously some good tones are there to be had in this range, but you are left feeling like “they didn’t have to make it all dirty, did they?!”

Outstanding amp, highly recommended.


Video Demo