2003 Peavey EVH Korean Wolfgang

Horrible guitar.

Fancied one of these for ages, and I’ve played on a couple of Musicman/Ernie Ball guitars in the past.

Always been partial to a bit of Van Halen, and I got offered it in a trade for a PRS SE, so I thought I’d give it a whirl as maybe a cheap but reliable Floyd guitar to have.

To start with, it played like a bag of spanners when I got it. Trem, truss and intonation all over the place.

Sorted out that stuff out. Still played like crap.

Pickups were nowhere near high enough output for the guitar and Peavey’s take on the Floyd Rose design a poor attempt.

I had to work hard with the amp and compressors to give it a decent tone.

Couldn’t trade it back out quick enough.


What did it sound like?


What did it look like?

Cheap thin maple cap, no real movement in the woodgrain. Body and neck solid enough.