Squier 1960’s Sunburst Relic Strat

A standard Squier standard Strat, relic’d and rebadged to appear like a 1960’s era Fender. Nicely done, I particularly liked the buckle rash relic-ing on the back, very authentic. Ciggie burn on the headstock also a nice touch.     Video demo here:


1991 Squier Stratocaster S-Serial

This was a great Strat for the money and in really good condition for it’s 24-ish years old. Haven’t seen many other metallic candy red ones from this time. Tidy high gloss neck and a nicely balanced fretboard. Genuine Fender stamped hardware and height compensated pole pieces on the single coils. Cracking little job really, but […]

Electro Harmonix Mogwai Big Muff

2001 Electro Harmonix Mogwai Big Muff

Just 100 of these Mogwai Big Muff pedals were produced for marketing purposes, in support of Mogwai’s 2001 album Rock Action. They come in a wooden box with the usual Electro Harmonix case candy/sticker. Custom Mogwai graphics on the box and the pedal itself. All sources say the electric gubbins inside is just a standard USA […]


Silvertone Paul Stanley Signature

In keeping with Kiss’s brash and gaudy persona this guitar is nearly as horrible to behold as it is to play. Horrendously uncomfortable, cheaply made and with zero character. This is mass produced crap at it’s worst. Sold it on an £0.01 auction start and got about £80 for it. Don’t ever buy. In fact, […]


1986 Epiphone S-300 Superstrat

Epiphone’s attempt at hitting the 80’s shred trend brought with it these tidy Korean produced budget models. They were built in the famous Samick factory, and are surprisingly good value for their current second hand value of around £150 to £200. It’s a shame their take on the Floyd Rose tremolo didn’t catch on more, as it incorporates […]


Godin Artisan TC1 Telecaster

Absolute beast of a guitar, played and sounded as good as it looks. Picked this up a local cash convertors for next to nothing. It was spec’d out to the max already; ebony fretboard, birds eye maple neck, flame carved top, roller string trees, twin hot rails with coil tap, brass hardware. Traded it for […]


1996 Fender Mexican Std Sunburst Strat

Not a huge amount to talk about here. Pretty bog standard Mexican Strat – decent sunburst finish, nicely played in rosewood board. Couple of dings n scrapes, including one fairly big chip that we filled with nail varnish and buffed out. Did a straight swap with it for a 1985 Japanese Modern Strat.  


1993 Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro

One of the best guitars I’ve ever played, never mind owned. It’s been hacked at, reshaped, thrown across stages, dropped countless times, had more pickups than a hooker and more. Worst of all for it, I’ve played it more than any other guitar I’ve ever owned. Let’s start at the beginning… I got this guitar […]

Jetter Red Square Dual Overdrive

Jetter Red Square Dual Overdrive

Awesome handbuilt transparant overdrive.  Both sides of the pedal offer subtlely different tones. The “blue” side is a very tone rich, warm overdrive. It can be pushed for some fantastic gritty, edgy drive, but I found it worked best as a cleaner boost. With the volume high, gain low and voicing on the rich side […]


1998 Jackson Japanese KVX10 King V

To start with, not my cup of tea. At all. Conversely, I spent quite a bit of time kitting it out. I don’t really know why. Got it in a trade. It had some Seymour Duncan Blackouts in so I whizzed them out to start with. eBay, Bosch, gone. Fitted a pair of Ibanez Infinity […]