1998 Jackson Japanese KVX10 King V

To start with, not my cup of tea. At all.

Conversely, I spent quite a bit of time kitting it out. I don’t really know why.

Got it in a trade. It had some Seymour Duncan Blackouts in so I whizzed them out to start with. eBay, Bosch, gone.

Fitted a pair of Ibanez Infinity 1 & 2 matched humbuckers. They kick out some decent rock output and the flat black covers matched the total well.

I had a spare black Floyd Rose trem knocking about so I swapped the bridge saddles. All chrome trems, particularly Floyds, always look a bit cheap. The black saddles added a touch of quality.

I added a budget set of black locking tuners for a couple of reasons. As above with chrome, the originals looked cheap. The main reason though is to aide faster restringing with the Floyd Rose.

To add a bit of heavy metal cheddar, the volume and tone dials were changed to “Lucky 13” skull designs.

Finally, as is common with V guitars, the pointy ends of the body had some missing finish so these were filled and touched up.

  • Ibanez humbuckers
  • Locking tuners
  • Customised black/chrome trem
  • Skull design dials
  • Points refinished

Oh, what does it play like?

Crap. Massive cricket bat of a neck, a pain in the arse to play because of the shape. Horrible thing, even set up with a super low action it felt minging. Would never recommend this guitar to anyone.
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