Ibanez S570 Project

I loved the look of these Ibanez S-Series guitars in my teens, but only acquired my first one some 20 years later. You know what you’re getting with these guitars; flat wide and thin necks, perfect for shredding. The slimline body is well weighted, in that it sits nice and light, but unlike a Gibson […]


Squier Jagmaster Project

I’ve never been a fan of the Jag/Jazz family of guitars, simply not a guitar I would choose to play. However, I picked up this body, neck and scratchplate for a good price so it made sense to have some fun refurbishing it. A previous owner of the guitar had attempted some form of artwork, […]


1984 Westone Thunder 1 Bass

I picked this up in a poor state of affairs, but beyond the years of sweat, dust, dirt, stickers and God know what else you could see a rock solid instrument without major fault. These Thunder basses were made in the famed Matsumoku factory in Japan and the build quality is genuinely as good as […]


Klon Centaur DIY clone

The Klon Centaur is arguably the most desired pedal in guitar history, so it was only a matter of time before China delivered copycats. This DIY kit was bought off eBay and comes with everything one needs to build the entire pedal at home. It took a little preparation, mainly down to separating and organising […]


Washburn/Drive VGA15

The closest solid state gets to real valves. I got really lucky with this one… was advertised on eBay for local collection only, just down the road from ours, and as spares n repairs. The description read “we’ve plugged it in and the red light comes on but we’ve got no way of testing it”……it […]


Squier 1960’s Sunburst Relic Strat

A standard Squier standard Strat, relic’d and rebadged to appear like a 1960’s era Fender. Nicely done, I particularly liked the buckle rash relic-ing on the back, very authentic. Ciggie burn on the headstock also a nice touch.     Video demo here:


1993 Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro

One of the best guitars I’ve ever played, never mind owned. It’s been hacked at, reshaped, thrown across stages, dropped countless times, had more pickups than a hooker and more. Worst of all for it, I’ve played it more than any other guitar I’ve ever owned. Let’s start at the beginning… I got this guitar […]


1998 Jackson Japanese KVX10 King V

To start with, not my cup of tea. At all. Conversely, I spent quite a bit of time kitting it out. I don’t really know why. Got it in a trade. It had some Seymour Duncan Blackouts in so I whizzed them out to start with. eBay, Bosch, gone. Fitted a pair of Ibanez Infinity […]


Mogwai Collection

An ongoing collection of records, promos, vinyl and more from Scottish band Mogwai.   CDs/DVDs Special Moves CD + DVD Japan edition (sealed) Come On Die Young original, promo and sealed reissue Come On Die Young Japanese “Vinyl Sleeve” Edition Hardcore will never die digipak (sealed) Government commissions original and promo My father my king […]