Fender HLE Stratocaster 1989

 1989 Fender Custom Shop H.L.E. Stratocaster Here is a very special Stratocaster, back in 1989 as the Fender Custom Shop opened it’s doors, the plans were made to make a limited edition Stratocaster in honour of Homer Haynes who was part of a musical, comedy duo ‘Homer and Jethro’ in America back in 1957. Haynes […]


Fender Stratocaster 1961

This guitar is probably the first electric guitar I ever saw, this Fender Stratocaster belongs to my father. I was lucky enough to grow up around many great guitars but this one is the first and greatest one of all.  My father doesn’t play much guitar these days but this guitar is his “number one” […]


2011 Gibson SG Silverburst (ltd ed.)

I have a big part of my heart reserved for SG’s, the influences of Hendrix, Iommi, Young, Krieger, McPhee, Marriott and many more have meant that I love them. What I don’t particularly like is the fact that they are 9 times out of 10…cherry. Now, I remember back in 2007, when Gibson had their […]


1990 Gibson Flying V 67′ reissue

Where to start with this one…back in 2008 I was in the mood for a new guitar (like most of us, weekly) I had a Les Paul, I had a Strat what could I get that would be “different” After a few days searching online, I stumbled upon this advert…    £850? OK, I called […]


2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic

I’m a big fan of Les Pauls, but being a typical, peer-led guitarist, I only like flame top variations, goldtops and customs…and juniors…love them too. Anyway; I recently traded a Strat for this, a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 in a cool tobacco sunburst, or desert burst as it is known by Gibson. (Excuse […]


Ibanez AD9 analogue delay

So, here’s a pink pedal that you may or may not have seen in your time…built into the same enclosure as the beloved TS9 tubescreamer (from what I gather, 9 is the series for all these boxes) This is an analogue delay, which is a slightly misleading name as its not entirely analogue, due it […]


Boss DS-1 myth…

Many moons back when I was a little lad and my old man used to play guitar very loudly at home through a 74′ Twin Reverb, whenever I tried to use the amp, it sounded as clean as a whistle, just pop music central…then I realised that a little orange box transformed the sound from […]


2007 Fender Hot Rod 57′ Stratocaster

2007 Fender American Hot Rod 57’ Stratocaster. This guitar was bought as a replacement for a custom shop Stratocaster I’d had for a decade (see AV62 post) I was after a new Strat and was torn between the Hot Rod 57’ model and the Eric Johnson signature guitar, ultimately, this one won due to lack […]


Gibson Les Paul Custom ’68 VOS

My 2007 Gibson Les Paul Custom, 1968 VOS.  This is a special one for me, having seen photos of all of my heroes playing Gibson Les Paul Customs, I knew that I needed to have one. I bought a 2003 “standard” custom many years ago and loved its double bound body and headstock, ebony board […]


2006 Fender Stratocaster AV62 reissue

I recently received a phone call from a friend of mine who was suffering from a severe case of AAS…(acoustic acquisition syndrome) he needed rid of a guitar that he’d bought after seeking my advice to pull the trigger so to speak. The guitar in question was a Strat. Nothing fancy, just a plain old […]


Breedlove OM/FS Acoustic

Acoustics have always been a fickle friend to me over the past 20 years, I hated them, loved them, couldn’t play them right, smashed them, stuck stickers on them and never really gave them a second thought over the shiny Fenders and Gibsons in this world. As I grew up, acoustic records began to filter […]