Ibanez Valbee 5w all tube combo amp

I discovered this model while searching for a home tube amp (i.e. low wattage) that had an fx loop. 

There’s not much to be found online in terms of manufacturer information, I guess they withdrew it, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was down to the fact that it looks awful and didn’t sell well.

However, if you dig on google enough (and make use of google translate!) there are quite a few people that obviously like them, and a select few who have successfully modified their amps.

The original factory look:  

So, I hunted one down and paid just £70 including postage – the new RRP of these things was $499!!
For £70, this is best amp I’ve ever had. For home use, this is the best amp I’ve ever had. 

Considering it’s a tiny 6.5″ speaker the Valbee has an amazingly full and rich tone. The weighty close back cabinet with the sub-bass port must help.


I received mine with an Electro Harmonix 12ax7 pre amp valve, and I’ve swapped between this and a JJ. They both sound great; the JJ is a touch cleaner with less gain, the EH just edges it due to it’s easier break up and slightly fatter tone.

Dials changed to green.

After the Ibanez grill badge I got the hairdryer out and removed the ugly Valbee logo badge that was siliconed to the speaker grill. 

The debadged look sits much better:


New Speaker

6.5″ guitar speakers aren’t the most common products on the market, but after a bit of research Eminence’s E620H seemed to be the best available upgrade.

I didn’t realise the speaker cone was green until I got it out the box, but luckily that sits well with the green dials. It’s all about aesthetics of course.

Amp wiring diagram

Found somewhere on Google.