Belcat Overdrive OVD302

Picked this Ibanez TS9 clone up cheap in a pawn shop, not expecting much from it when also receiving change from a tenner. The sound surprised the hell out of me; it’s incredibly good. It’s full of dynamics, responding very pleasingly to pick attack and cleaning up well when backing the guitar volume off. The […]


Boss DS-1 myth…

Many moons back when I was a little lad and my old man used to play guitar very loudly at home through a 74′ Twin Reverb, whenever I tried to use the amp, it sounded as clean as a whistle, just pop music central…then I realised that a little orange box transformed the sound from […]


2007 Fender Hot Rod 57′ Stratocaster

2007 Fender American Hot Rod 57’ Stratocaster. This guitar was bought as a replacement for a custom shop Stratocaster I’d had for a decade (see AV62 post) I was after a new Strat and was torn between the Hot Rod 57’ model and the Eric Johnson signature guitar, ultimately, this one won due to lack […]


Gibson Les Paul Custom ’68 VOS

My 2007 Gibson Les Paul Custom, 1968 VOS.  This is a special one for me, having seen photos of all of my heroes playing Gibson Les Paul Customs, I knew that I needed to have one. I bought a 2003 “standard” custom many years ago and loved its double bound body and headstock, ebony board […]


2006 Fender Stratocaster AV62 reissue

I recently received a phone call from a friend of mine who was suffering from a severe case of AAS…(acoustic acquisition syndrome) he needed rid of a guitar that he’d bought after seeking my advice to pull the trigger so to speak. The guitar in question was a Strat. Nothing fancy, just a plain old […]


Breedlove OM/FS Acoustic

Acoustics have always been a fickle friend to me over the past 20 years, I hated them, loved them, couldn’t play them right, smashed them, stuck stickers on them and never really gave them a second thought over the shiny Fenders and Gibsons in this world. As I grew up, acoustic records began to filter […]


Squier Jagmaster Project

I’ve never been a fan of the Jag/Jazz family of guitars, simply not a guitar I would choose to play. However, I picked up this body, neck and scratchplate for a good price so it made sense to have some fun refurbishing it. A previous owner of the guitar had attempted some form of artwork, […]


Behringer VT911 Tube Overdrive

Saw this on eBay brand new in the box for £15 so it had to be worth a punt. Straight out of the box impressions: Huge range of gain More fuzz than overdrive Nicely built for the money       After half an hour of fiddling I couldn’t seem to find a setting that didn’t […]