Laney AOR50 Series II head & cab

All valve head (4 pre 12ax7 and 2 power) and matching 2×12″ cabinet. Was working…came out of storage after ten years…wasn’t working. Sounded shit in the first place so not much lost.                  


1980s Aria Japan AW100 Acoustic 

Made between 1987 & 1991 the AW100 featured mahogany back and sides, and a spruce. The tone is metallic and thin, very lacking in bottom end and any kind of warmth. For a beginner; the action is low without fret buzz and ideal for getting started without breaking the bank.                     


Hohner Jack Custom Headless Bass

Natural finish Hohner Jack Custom bass with the Steinberger headless system. Also features thru-neck and active eq circuitry.                  


1998 Fender DG22S Acoustic 

Nice budget guitar with a solid spruce top, rosewood bridge and flame maple back. The tone was surpassingly rich with a lot of depth to it. Made in Korea, 1998.                                


Ibanez Valbee 5w all tube combo amp

I discovered this model while searching for a home tube amp (i.e. low wattage) that had an fx loop.  There’s not much to be found online in terms of manufacturer information, I guess they withdrew it, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was down to the fact that it looks awful and didn’t sell […]


1958 Hofner Congress Archtop

Excellent example of this budget but timeless 50’s design. The lack of a truss rod means it’s generally down to luck if you find one that plays well. This one was a strange combination of being aesthetically excellent but incredibly high action. It suggests a well cared for life, but in plenty of warm environments! […]

strat sound test

Fender Strat Sound Test

STRATOCASTER SOUND TEST Squier Affinity 1970s-style relic Vs Fender 1985 Japanese Modern The Fender is panned hard to the left speaker, and the Squier to the right. Each guitar comps rhythm while the other solos. Both guitars were recorded direct into Logic X via a Focusrite Sapphire Pro 26 mic pre. They have identical amp/reverb/eq/compression […]


1996 Yamaha Pacifica 112

Yamaha changed the budget guitar game in the 1990’s with the Pacifica, bringing a solid alder bodied guitar that played and sounded great at an extremely competitive price. I picked this model up in a poor state, showing years of use without any kind of servicing. I undertook an extensive deep clean, re-soldered some connections, […]


1992 Patrick Eggle Berlin Deluxe

The best guitar I’ve ever had, without exception. Built in 1992, the first full year of production, it is beautifully designed and constructed. The only things I’ve changed from factory are the control layout and pickups. I prefer the volume and tone in Strat positions (with the switch at the back), to the standard Eggle […]


2012 Gibson SG Standard

A nice standard SG in cherry red that came in for a full service and set up. The owner is Josh from the London based band Hidden Charms.      It played well, set up with flat wound 12’s, the tone was warm and balanced. The control cavity features Gibson’s modern circuit board connection system.      […]