1997 Epiphone Sheraton

Made in the Korean Samick factory, this guitar plays and sounds as good as it looks. Fabulous choice of timbers and well constructed, it’s a guitar I find hard to put down.                         


1965 Guild Slim Jim

Beautiful looking guitar, in outstanding condition for a 50 year old instrument. Pickups sound somewhat inbetween normal single coils and P90’s; a little more grit and bite than a Fender tone. It has a slightly metallic ring out on the decay of each note, meaning it gives some really different and unique tones.          […]


1984 Westone Thunder 1 Bass

I picked this up in a poor state of affairs, but beyond the years of sweat, dust, dirt, stickers and God know what else you could see a rock solid instrument without major fault. These Thunder basses were made in the famed Matsumoku factory in Japan and the build quality is genuinely as good as […]


2007 Taylor 110e

Supposedly well crafted upper-mid range electro acoustic. If I’m honest it was a little disappointing aurally. Played against a similarly priced and spec’d Martin there was only one winner…and it wasn’t the Taylor.         


Vintage V52 Telecaster

Nice guitar for the money. Competes well against Mexican Fenders at a fraction of the price. The Wilkinson hardware is quality stuff, and the whole guitar is well finished. The neck is VERY chunky, and far too big for my own tastes, but it’s adds to that traditional vibe so I can see the market […]


Hamer Sunburst A/T

Arrived in a trade in a poor state of repair. No tuners, no pickups, covered in dust. Cleaned it up, wired in new Switch humbuckers and sourced vintage Schaller tuners in matching black and chrome.