TC Electronic Nova System

Wonderful bit of kit this, one of the keepers in the many things that pass through my hands. I’ve always rated TC’s delays and reverbs since I had a G Major in a rack around 2004. The Nova is just perfect for the lazy guitarist who wants to set up their ideal stomp box sounds […]

Epiphone EJ200

Epiphone EJ200

Perennially good quality acoustic. Big sound, big tone, fantastic value for money guitars. I’ve had quite a few of these, and despite the protestations of “vintage” guitar nerds, I can see┬áno hugely discernable difference between early Korean models and the modern Chinese made guitars. All the ones I’ve had through are nice guitars, with nice […]


1970’s Hondo II Les Paul

For me these are not great copies. A lot of heads rate them, but I’m convinced that’s more nostalgia than truth as many will have had these as their first guitars. However, some shipped with USA made DiMarzio humbuckers so it’s always worth a check (under the pickups). These humbuckers can vary in output but […]