strat sound test

Fender Strat Sound Test

STRATOCASTER SOUND TEST Squier Affinity 1970s-style relic Vs Fender 1985 Japanese Modern The Fender is panned hard to the left speaker, and the Squier to the right. Each guitar comps rhythm while the other solos. Both guitars were recorded direct into Logic X via a Focusrite Sapphire Pro 26 mic pre. They have identical amp/reverb/eq/compression […]


Engl Thunder 50 head & 2×12″ cab

I had this head and cab around 2004/2005 ¬†and have no close up photos of the whole rig. It’s a shame as it’s probably my favourite amp set up I’ve ever had. The rack unit I used with this featured: TC Electronic G Major Line 6 Filter Pro rack Late 1970’s MXR graphic EQ (blue […]


Hayden Mini Mofo 15w Class A Valve Amp

I was a touch disappointed at first with this Hayden amp. Long story short, it takes a good while for it to warm up, much longer than most all valve amps I’ve played. It’s a case of turn it on, go make a big pot of tea, smoke a couple of ciggies, have a nosey […]