TC Electronic Nova System

Wonderful bit of kit this, one of the keepers in the many things that pass through my hands. I’ve always rated TC’s delays and reverbs since I had a G Major in a rack around 2004. The Nova is just perfect for the lazy guitarist who wants to set up their ideal stomp box sounds […]

Orange Jim Root 1

Orange Jim Root Terror 15w Valve Amp

Surprisingly outstanding. After an ill fated purchase of a Blackstar HT5 rig with two 1×12″ cabs for a project that never left the ground I traded that rig for this head. Initially I took this amp thinking it would sell quicker than the Blackstar, but it soon won me over as a cracking little amp. […]


Snarling Dogs Black Dog Distortion Pedal

All bark ‘n no bite I remembered them from their cool looking smalls ads in the back of Guitar World magazine as a kid, so was pretty excited when I got this. Aesthetically I love it, the polished steel casing and the black print look great, not to mention the dogs eyes light up red. […]