1989 Fender Telecaster Made In Japan

A beautiful example of Fender’s Japanese output. This does everything a tele should; twang, grit, warmth, the lot. The pickups are a 1980’s Seymour Duncan ’54 Vintage Lead set for tele. Marked “IR”, they were hand wound by Connie Rocha when Seymour Duncan was still a small hands on business.                […]


Wienbrock 1×12″ cab

Wienbrock amps and speaker cabs are hand made in Yorkshire, UK, and the quality is outstanding. This solidly built cabinet is loaded with a Celestion Greenback speaker and offers a full rich tone that belies it’s small size. It enhanced every amp I ran through it.              


Hush Systems “The Pedal”

The best guitar Noisegate ever made? Quite possibly. This pedal was handmade in the USA before Rocktron acquired it and mass produced it. It’s simple: two separate selectable noisegates with one dial each. Turn to desired level, play. What it does beautifully is retain the tone and release/decay incredibly naturally.            


Klon Centaur DIY clone

The Klon Centaur is arguably the most desired pedal in guitar history, so it was only a matter of time before China delivered copycats. This DIY kit was bought off eBay and comes with everything one needs to build the entire pedal at home. It took a little preparation, mainly down to separating and organising […]