Tanglewood Nashville TNE

Simple and honest budget electro acoustic. Surprised me out the bag with a real deep warm tone, which I hadn’t expected at the price point. All solid back n sides, and some tasteful design thoughts throughout. Very impressive for the money.  

2003 Peavey EVH Korean Wolfgang

2003 Peavey EVH Korean Wolfgang

Horrible guitar. Fancied one of these for ages, and I’ve played on a couple of Musicman/Ernie Ball guitars in the past. Always been partial to a bit of Van Halen, and I got offered it in a trade for a PRS SE, so I thought I’d give it a whirl as maybe a cheap but […]


Fender Sunburst 50s Modern Player Strat

Got hold of this immaculate 50s modern player Strat at a good price. It’d never be touched, still had all the Fender case candy and the gig bag still had the Fender tag on the carry handle. Nice enough guitar, sounded like a Strat, played like any other Strat… Didn’t keep it long.   


Hayden Mini Mofo 15w Class A Valve Amp

I was a touch disappointed at first with this Hayden amp. Long story short, it takes a good while for it to warm up, much longer than most all valve amps I’ve played. It’s a case of turn it on, go make a big pot of tea, smoke a couple of ciggies, have a nosey […]