Vintage Zip LP Junior

Tidy budget Les Paul Junior style guitar. One humbucker, with some kind of coil tap switch. All quality Wilkinson hardware.  


1996 Squier Korean Anniversary Stratocaster

One of those cheap gems… First a little history of me and (the lack of) Stratocasters in my life. I’ve never liked them, not one. When I worked in a guitar shop for most of my twenties we had a rack of USA Fenders and never did one stand out as something I’d ever play […]

Ibanez AFS95T Semi Hollow

Ibanez AFS95T Semi Hollow

This was a really good quality instrument for the money. I only kept it a couple of weeks, as it sold within hours of listing it on eBay and a few Facebook groups. Bigsby kept tune well, tone was nicely rounded, tidy guitar. Roller saddles on the bridge, nice choice of flamed timbers – well […]